Call for scale

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The Call for Scale is now closed

The Call for Scale is an open innovation program with the dual objective of:

  • supporting innovation in the Life Sciences, through the selection of startups that have developed products or services and are ready to be introduced on the market;
  • supporting the growth of Italian startups, through the collaboration with public and private companies operating in the health and hospital sector.

The startups selected at the end of the Call for Scale will have the opportunity to be presented to a technical-scientific committee. Those judged to have the highest potential will undergo one-to-one meetings and will have access to the Match-Making Program, a path that will allow them to interact with the key market players in order to build business opportunities.

Application areas

Clinical diagnosis tools for the support of medical decisions, in order to improve the effectiveness of clinical and/or pharmaceutical procedures.
Machine learning applied to image analysis: the use of machine learning/deep learning to train solutions and software on the analysis of clinical images.
Use of the blockchain technology for the supply chain: solutions to improve visibility, collaboration and the control and traceability of the supply chain of pharmaceuticals products and medical devices.
Blockchain for the management of the patients’ informed consent: new tools to manage the consent for the exchange of clinical data.
Solutions including Internet of Things used in clinical trials: new solutions to exploit Internet of Things during clinical studies and to collect patients’ data, to supplement the medical reports.
Improve multichannel marketing: new tools to manage omni channel customer engagements.
New solutions for the collaboration with the CROs in the presence of joint and parallel research activities: tools enabling collaboration in the ecosystem in the course of the pharmaceutical research and/or complex clinical trials.
Cognitive tools for the pharmaceutical companies’ Legal and Regulatory departments: tools to facilitate the compliance activities, through the cognitive analysis of the regulations and laws governing the pharmaceutical industry.
Solutions to measure the effectiveness and results of value-based care: developing new solutions to capture and trace the effectiveness of innovative drugs and measure the results of value-based care initiatives.

Project phases

Collection of applications

In order to participate applications must be submitted online no later than May 29, 2018, at 11.59PM

Until May 29, 2018

Startup selection

A maximum of 15 projects will be selected by representatives from Novartis, Fondazione Cariplo, IBM Italia and Cariplo Factory and will gain access to the Selection Study.

from May 30 to June 21, 2018

Selection Study

The Technical Committee will evaluate the startups and those considered as having the highest potential (max 15) will access the Match Making Day

July 13, 2018

Match making day

The program will allow startups to interact with key market players in order to identify and develop business opportunities.

October 16, 2018