Call for ideas

Do you want to
transform an idea
into a business?


This call is intended for researchers, young talents and all those who plan and dream to translate an idea into a business venture, with the aim of helping them to develop and present innovative product or process projects in the Life Sciences.

The selected projects will follow a customized acceleration path. The three best projects will be awarded a voucher up to € 180,000 each to fund consultancy services and develop further the business ideas.

Application Areas

  • Innovative diagnostic tools for prevention, early detection and point-of-care testing, and self-diagnosis and symptom-checker devices (wearables, IoT).
  • Research platform for the optimization of the offer of national and regional hospital medical services, for the standardization and efficiency of care pathways.
  • Tools (APPs, platforms) for the empowerment of the patient within the clinical testing area, the introduction to treatment, the access to alternative therapies and other assets of the health system.
  • Technological tools (hardware + software) for Active & Healthy Aging, Home Caring and other non-pharmacological solutions (i.e. Virtual/Augmented Reality, Nanobot) for the fight of chronic, neurodegenerative conditions and the management of the end-of-life.
  • Innovative omics technologies for proactive prevention, custom advanced therapies and gender medicine.
  • Platforms and tools (medical Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics) for the prevention, home monitoring, remote intervention and extra-clinical management of chronic patients.
  • Technologies aimed at motor and mental disabilities.
  • Bioinformatics tools and data collection, integration & analysis software in support of personalized and precision medicine.
  • Tools (AI/Machine Learning/Chat Bot) aimed at improving the predictability of health data and the objectivity of the diagnosis, and at supporting the clinical and extra-clinical decision-making process.
  • Tools for the collection, certification (i.e. blockchain) and safety of clinical and health data.
  • Analytical software capable of processing large amounts of information (i.e. large corpora), for the prediction of the patients’ trends and unmet needs.

Project Phases

Collection of applications

To participate, applications must be submitted online no later than June 17, 2018, at 11.59PM.

Until June 17, 2018

Selection day

A maximum of 20 projects will be assessed by the Jury that will select the 10 teams that will gain access to the Acceleration Program

July 18-20, 2018

Acceleration Program

The 10 selected projects will be offered a tailor-made path, focused on accelerating and optimizing the "go-to-market" phase.

From September 2 to November 30


The Jury will identify the 3 projects that will enter the go to market stage

By December 2018


The accelerators and incubators distributed throughout the national territory that will implement the acceleration path are as follows: